Our vision & values

As a truly vertically integrated company, Dragon Group is committed to creating prosperity and development for the farming and fishing communities that deliver our seafood.



We strive to sustainably maximize the value of the marine resources to which we have access, for the benefit of the communities in which we are  present, our owners and customers.

·        Product Promise:
Based on our identity, we take pride in bringing unique, safe and healthy seafood products to consumers around the world who value high-quality seafood.

·        Profit promise:
We create sustainable earnings. We operate cost-effectively, we manage risk, and we stay competitive. We thus create opportunities for growth and long-term financial stability in the communities in which we are present.

·        People promise:
We operate our business with respect for the individual. We act with integrity and transparency towards consumers, customers, employees, suppliers and business partners.

·        Planet promise:
We manage the resources to which we have access, and upon which our future depends, sustainably.



Our vision is to be:

A South East Asian Champion

We aim to expand our position in the Region, especially in Vietnam. A local presence in Vietnam, Indonesia and key sales markets is central to our strategy. This allows us to benefit from the experience and know-how of the local farming and fishing communities and to ensure stable and high-quality deliverabies of seafood.

As a truly vertically integrated company, we combine farming / fishing with processing, logistics and sales in bringing high-quality, farmed and wild-caught seafood from catch to consumers - implementing our deeply rooted experience of the trade, every step of the way.

Dragon Group’s market position is based on a deep understanding of global customer and consumer needs and we strive for the strongest market position in all global markets that have long-term potential for our products.


We aim to be closest to the resource, closest to our customers and closest to the consumers.






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Hong Kong.
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